Disclaimer: The story is based on true incident of the wild. Reader’s discretion is advised. At a cliff of a high mountain range, an eagle made an eyrie, a nest. There she laid three eggs. The eggs hatched and three chicks came to life after a few days. The added responsibility of raising three chicks also exaggerated her killer instinct. But, the utterly cold region made it really difficult for the apex predator to hunt. Small reptiles hibernated; birds migrated leaving the snow covered lowlands serene and tranquil. The experience and natural instinct guided the aviator finding adequate pray to keep her chicks alive. On the contrary, the mother eagle acted smartly to keep her family alive. Out of the three chicks, one was very undersized and feeble. The mother fed the two healthy chicks deliberately leaving the frail one hungry. Within a couple of days, the frail chick was starved to death. The merciless eagle tore apart the corpse of the chick and fed its flesh to the other two. They too devoured it without any haste, after all relationships fall short in front of hunger. The death of the chick saved her two valuable days finding pray in the hard times. The two chicks showing healthy signs of growth almost gained half of the size of an adult within the next few days. The enhancement in their body mass also boosted their appetite and they started demanding more with each passing minute. This turned the situation more intense for the mother eagle and she anticipated the next step that she had to take. She started playing wisely; instead feeding her chicks she would just throw the meat in the nest and let the two to compete for the food. The oversized dominating chick would always succeed grabbing the flesh. The dominating one became stronger and the other weakened with each passing day. The phenomenon of survival of the fittest overruled once again with the death of the weakened chick. The dead sibling offered ample food for the chick to survive for yet another week. It also alleviated the efforts the mother eagle. Few days later after the incident the solemn chick took his first flight leaving the eyrie abandoned. — x — x — Yet this is not the end of the story. Think of the caste based reservation system prevailing in India and read the entire story once again and feel the difference in the first and the second read.]]>


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