When Things Do Not Fall in Place You encounter a bad day. Nothing good comes to you. People around you start ignoring you. Things were far better than before. All of a sudden the world turns upside down. You look around for someone’s help. You try to reach him immediately; you pick up your phone and dial his number. Nothing happens. You try other ways out but nothing works as desired. You burst out of frustration and you find yourself at ground zero. Everything was perfect before. You had friends around, people were listening to you and you were being noticed. Things changed all of a sudden and you have no clue what happened and why. You keep thinking about the past days to recall about your present miserable condition, but nothing comes into your brain. You find yourself an honest man who never harmed anyone, not ditched, neither betrayed someone’s trust nor tried to play with someone’s heart. Then why you turned so desolate today? At such time you never know what to do. Stay cool, have patience. Someone is at rescue; reaching to you to release you from out of the box situation. Shocked! You don’t know him? Who is coming to make you relaxed and put you out from this stressing dilemma. The answer is – it’s you, you and only you. It is not only love all the time which make you distress. Things often turn a wired than the way we had expected. Do you know why it happens? It happens when our dreams never land on the preplanned runway. What lend it deviate from its path? It’s nothing else than your expectation. Yes, we act for self and at times for others. And when we do it for others we expect it’s return or a result. When result does not meet  our expectations, we get upset and we make others upset by inquiring again and again. As a result, at some point of time we start getting ignored. What is the way to tackle the situation when we see things not falling in place? Question is simple as its answer. Ignore the situation and try for something even better. Whatever you have produced, perhaps have failed to impress others. So the outcome you had expected is never realized. Accept it as an another opportunity to improve yourself. Think again and create something different that could really symbolizes your style. Leave what others think about you, stop wondering about them. Meditate, recognize your flaws, take time and inflate new energy within you to respond them with new vigor and fervent creativity. Its hammer which strikes the nail. Don’t be a nail, be a hammer and strike like you have never done before and prove your identity. Believe in you, have confidence. You can beat the world. Keep moving and never look behind. When you keep moving ahead you will not mind for the things which have not fallen in place. Either you would keep creating history.]]>


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