L Sarita Devi Refuses the Bronze Medal at Asian Games 2014 The Indian boxer L Sarita Devi almost dashed her opponent Jina Park at Incheon Asian Games and she had been entitled to won the silver medal. She remained stunned to know the decision of the judges that she has slipped to third position and has won a bronze medal instead. Still she respected the decision and came forward to receive her medal but soon after receiving she returned the medal. She left the medal with Jina on the podium and took the exit. She was bitterly crying and was not able to console herself and could not believe that albeit dominating her opponent she has lost against her. Her emotions were unstoppable when she came to the podium and stunned the spectators, the media and organizers as well when she returned the medal. Now the medal is under the custody of organizers.

AIBA Launched Probe Against Sarita

The incident took place on Tuesday on 30 September 2014. The next day brought new twist in the episode when International Boxing  Association launched a probe against Sarita Devi. The AIBA initiated the probe as a disciplinary action against her act of returning the bronze medal. Although she returned the medal in lieu notwithstanding the biased decision of the judges. The AIBA stated the whole incident as a well planned strategy of Sarita and the Indian team. It is regretful to hear such statements from AIBA. Rather the entire scenario should be reconfirmed and series of events must be reexamined with a panel of experts. The Indian media seemed stand in her support as it became apparent from the media coverage. It was really sad to know that no official from our country came forward to console Sarita or issued statement in her support.

Winning a Medal in Sports is not so Easy

When it comes to sports, Cricket is our only fascination. We always stay ahead to spending lot of money for cricket. Even the cricket organizers earn millions from this game. It is really very disappointing to know that apart from Cricket it is very difficult for Indian sportsman to reach at a recognizable position. Whether anyone accepts or not we hardly receive any sustainable support for other sports in our country. It is also true that things are changing now a days, but yet we have a long mile to go.I believe that it is sportsman’s personal abilities, zeal and hardwork that pays them and afterall brings proud to the country. The nonchalant behavior unresponsiveness of Indian bureaucratic system is really awful as no one comes forward in support of our brave Sportsman.

The Act Marked Indecent

The different agencies including AIBA and have referred the act of Sarita questionable. They have said that the referring and judging always have been questionable in boxing. The act of Sarita has left many questions unsanswered for Indian sports lovers and spectators. It is right that the judging might have not been correct and upto the mark according to Sarita, but her leaving the podium and rejecting the medal had offered a chance to the agencies to take an action against her and propagate a probe into the matter. It would have been a more decent way to accept the medal in the ceremony and report her complaint against the judgment and ask for a probe into the matter. I don’t know whether are there any provisions exist for the sportsman’s to claim about the genuinity of the judgements made during the competition.

Is it Dusk of Champion from North East

Her act might not appeal AIBA and IOC and it may not seem so kind  what she did. If there have been a procedure to challenge for her right than it would have been a safer methofdology to follow. Either may be the case ultimately she has suffered and her prolonged hard work and her dream has been shattered into pieces. It might happen that her boxing career may conclude with the dismissal of a wonderful boxing champion from North East. irrespective of the medal she gets in Asian Games 2014 but don’t let a brave woman disappear from the boxing arena. Don’t let her go India.]]>


indian · October 2, 2014 at 10:01 am

Author this is the real life. Thats why I always questioned efforts. Do we receive the result of our efforts. Any how live life happily

    Author Ashwini · October 2, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Exactly, and it happens in everyone’s life. At times we don’t receive what we expect.

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