What you want to be? I want to be a successful man in my life. The vernacular lingo keeps floating always on adolescent lips and even youth. But the million dollar question still remains unanswered – What you want to be in your life? When I was kid I wanted to be an astronaut. When I grew up to the an age and understood the know how, my decision turned and I decided to become a doctor. The chain continued in rest of my life and I never reached to a particular place. Rather I was not aware of my place. I didn’t knew where I was about to go, when and how?

 Have your mentor

Do you know why things didn’t worked for me? Why I didn’t reached at a designated place? It is not mere my story albeit it is story of many innocent, educated youth today. They are not able to decide their destiny and they are not able to decide their path because there is no one around them to educate and help. Yes, a mentor, a guide is not there in their miserable life to teach them the harsh reality of black and white. Mentor doesn’t always mean a professional teacher. An ideal mentor could be  father, mother, a friend or some one who knows you well and identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Who could suggest you the right way when you are in a state of dilemma. I wanted to be an astronaut, then a doctor and then an IAS officer and the list might end up with few more options which I could never do. Today I laugh on myself because I did plenty of wired jobs for my career. I remember, I always remained ahead in listening and following others, no matter whatever they said or suggested I followed blindly. If I had a mentor, I could have been better anticipated my goal.

Love yourself, be yourself

I have learnt from my past that apart from your mother, father, brother or sister there is one person whom you should love the most. The person is none other than you. Do you know why you should love yourself? You must love yourself to discover your soul, you must love yourself to recognize your identity, to explore what you really love to do. Recall; what you always loved to do and what you could do to your best. The day you discover yourself, you will find the real purpose of your eternal journey of life.

Check your goal

Once your interest is discovered, your next step comes to turn your interest into your dream. Make your dream as your goal to be achieved and start working for it. I was a damn big fool because I did not have courage to fight for myself and for my dream and I had taken everything for granted. It is never too late to understand and accept mistakes of your past. Today if you have realized that you need something which can make you happy, then do it right away. Life is not a five star dining table where you will find things placed sophisticatedly, arranged in a manner waiting for you to enjoy your lavish dinner with etiquette and leave quietly. It is a kitchen where ingredients lay here and there for you to chose and utilize them sensibly and intelligently and make it a perfect recipe. Be the master chef and cook the best for your life. Reach for your goal, no matter what confronts or stops you.

Your perception of success

Once you move ahead and take a step to your destined journey; it is the right time to change your perception about success and being successful. Success is felt by heart and cherished by the soul as it offers you extreme sense of satisfaction. No matters how much money you make out of it without putting your commercials at stake. Exhibit honesty in your business transactions, keep your promises and love what you do. The immense pleasure you will receive would be beyond description. Be a man of words and commitments. Consider one important thing; when you do something good you are criticized and people make you afraid of probable failure. Mind it, never afraid of failures. Take them as a lesson and rejuvenate your soul with the lesson learnt. You might fail twice, thrice or even more. Never ever let your failure overcome your dream. Always remember – Those who have never failed means they have never attempted. You cannot be called victorious without diving into the battle field. The flowers of success bud from the seeds of failure. The victory that fills soul satisfaction into your hear, soul and mind is the pristine form of success. The purest form of success has nothing to do with money or prosperity. Even if you feel yourself satisfied with selling bananas, be happy because you are successful. Embrace Failure, Behold Success.]]>


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