The Patna Stampede On October 03, 2014 around 33 people including women and innocent children sacrificed to untimely death due to stampede in Patna during the Dussehra ceremony. The accident took place when a rumor broke out and resulted in a painful stampede. The festive gaiety turned into mourning within minutes. Chuckling faces, grinning teeth soon lost and overcome by glooming horrifying gestures. Grief stricken family, neighbors and friends could not contemplate the sudden loss of their loved ones. The Incidents Aftermath Over 1.50 lac people were present in ground to watch the act of victory of truth over falsehood and one rumor ruined lives of many women and children. Stampede is a menace and these incidents are common in our country. These have happened in past and will continue in future because we will never prepare our self to hold it. Accidents happen, people die, politicians mourn, probes instigated, servants suspended, compensations announced, reports submitted and finally matter is closed in anticipation of another to take place. Summing Up Strategy Stringent Strategy Plan is the need of hour for such incidents to stop. The need is never felt because it is the life of a poor who is always suffers and is most vulnerable to death and really speaking death of a poor cost nothing to the nation. They die and forgotten forever. We have never heard or read in news that a VIP died out of a stampede. We have become acclimatized to such mishaps and we take everything for granted. Yes, we will die happily if it will happen to us next. Will you? Factors Revisited With over 1.5 lac people in ground, all exit points were blocked, a gate kept partially opened with one jammed flap, police and other armed forces imposed in inadequate number, majority of police force was busy handing commotion of VIP lounge. After the stampede the injured were taken to the hospital on hand carts as there were not enough ambulances available to handle emergency. Many would have died on the way to the hospital due to lack of proper life support. The conditions of the hospital worsen when it could not provide enough space to accommodate large number of victims. Availability of immediate treatment for the critically injured victims fighting for life is beyond imagination. Analyze all factors from top to bottom. Even one of the facilities spotted above would have been in place and in proper numbers could have helped controlling the impact of stampede to a great extent. It’s Time to Act The time has come to rethink to build stringent guidelines for organizing such events where people accumulate in such a huge number. We hardly see stampedes during sports events where spectators reach in huge numbers like thirty to eighty thousand or even more. It concludes successfully because they are well planned and organized systematically. The similar strategies can be framed out to avoid such incidents. India is a huge and densely populated secular country. Festivals and rituals are its soul recognition. People from each community gather in large number to celebrate festivals whether it is Eid, Dussehra, Diwali or something else. It is not possible to change this culture rather we must establish and build an effectual and concrete system which is able to control such petrifying disasters.]]>


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