Victory and Vision Since the unprecedented victory in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 and being sworn in as the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi took a sigh in relief. Sighed not for sitting at a rest rather sighed to start thinking about the groundwork for building and rejuvenating the emerging India. Being the Prime Minister Mr. Modi has acknowledged a massive responsibility from a new vertex for bringing up a new face of the nation. It is the end result of his continuous and innumerable public rallies he addressed from each nook and corner of the country. His public speeches have interwoven the diverse parts of the country into an integrated united India. The long lasting silence post elections filled anxiety in the mass. The country had become customary hearing Modi speaking to the public during the electoral campaigns. His words propelled momentum in the hearts of his million followers. His speeches stimulated senses and plugged in enormous amounts of energy in every human’s heart and soul. Modi emerged like a tornado that wiped out the opposing parties and he not only won elections, he won hearts of every citizen. Today he rules the hearts as well as the country as the most honored Prime Minister of India. He Broke the Silence Modi’s speeches came to a halt after becoming the Prime Minister. People felt anxious missing his vigorous super charged speeches. After a prolonged break Mr. Modi roared again and he broke the silence and he addressed the nation on the occasion of Independence Day 15th August 2014 from Lal Quila, New Delhi where he proclaimed the launch of the “Clean India Movement” from 02nd October 2014. Subsequently he addressed at United Nations followed by Madisan Square at United States of America where he received overwhelming response from citizens of United States as well as the resident Indians. Reincarnation of the World of Radio Mr. Narendra Modi became the most influential and distinguished personality of the world.  He has travelled a long journey  from an ordinary road side tea vendor to the most respectable position of Prime Minister of India. He is aware of the harsh ground realities of a common man. His immense inclination towards technology catalyzed his popularity. Mr. Modi comprises the art and caliber to infiltrate life into the dying substance. No one who can compete with his visionary abilities and stand in front of him. He is the first Prime Minister of India who loves to be heard as servant of the nation rather than Mr. PM. The rapid growth of Information Technology has bestowed many innovative gadgets. On the contrary it has sucked many existing ones. The debut of cable TV mopped out radios from the market. Modi took very unusual and commendable step by announcing the unique means of getting in touch with citizens of India through the means of radio program – “Mann Ki Baat” (Talk from the Heart). Privatization superseded every segment of the Indian broadcasting industry but not withstanding the popularity of TV channels many private radio stations have failed to behold their existence. Many radio stations launched but only fewer sustained to see the face of success and rest vanished like they were never existed before. Choosing radio as a medium of communication Mr. Narendra Modi’s took a highly appreciable and commendable decision. This way he has reached people who do have access to TV still they can hear their Prime Minister speaking to them. This decision has also stuffed a new ray of hope into the lethargic radio broadcasting industry. Earlier where just few people were  used to hear radio in cars; now everyone is listening to Mr. Modi on radio. He introduced a drastic change in the scenario in a single day which will continue in the days to come. The days of radio are back. This is the magic of Modi.]]>


pinky · October 5, 2014 at 6:56 am

Nice one

    Author Ashwini · October 7, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you Pinky for appreciation. Keep reading the blog.

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