Oops! I Missed It You wake up in the morning, finish up your routine work haphazardly, do lot of other tiny tasks, rush up to your office, work for a complete shift and return home completely exhausted and an entire day is gone. Later at night you recall several other things you missed up during the day. Even if you are not in job and running a small or a midsized business, you might experience the same series of events. It is a fact that when we come across many things together and when we take care of one thing we miss some other definitely and we regret for that later. It is apparent that work load always increases and this does not apply for those who meander aimlessly for the whole day doing nothing. It is really a difficult task to manage our self and manage tasks of others on the same time to get things done efficiently. This is all relies on one’s managerial and leadership skills one possesses but mind you, everyone is not born to be a leader. Some needs to be good followers and when you work as a follower it gets important for you to learn and manage yourself and deliver what is expected from you. How to Mange Yourself When managing our own comes into picture, there are lot many things to learn but the most important out of them is managing our most valuable resource, the time. Here time management does not mean to follow a strict time table to operate your actions like eating, drinking, working, sleeping etc. Just forget about it as you don’t need to be so mechanical or like a robot. After all you are human not a machine. So it will be a better idea to manage our tasks with a level of priority. Sticking on to a schedule cannot work for everyone because priorities shuffle and you need to take care of things more meaningfully and intelligently. Even when I stuck many a times and at the end of the day I realize that many things I thought about in the morning were not even touched in the entire day. To overcome this problem I changed my way of starting my day. Spend 5 Minutes With Yourself Seems very strange and stupid ‘spend five minutes with yourself’. Huh! What a crap! It may sound bizarre or bewilder you but really speaking these five minutes can do magic. I am recommending five minutes but according to your requirement you may stretch this time to fifteen minutes or half an hour. So do it this way. When you wake up in the morning, refresh yourself, have tea, read newspaper and then sit at a quiet place, may be in another room or somewhere else and meditate; about yourself and your work that you need to complete today. Remain cool and calm, put all your worries aside and think legibly and judiciously. Breath deep, relax, now take a pen and paper and start writing down what you have thought, prioritize the tasks according to importance and urgency. Delete some of the tasks if you feel the list unrealistic to complete and re-schedule the deleted tasks for the next day. Remember; don’t prepare a strict time table like 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm to 3:45 pm because once you fail completing one task on time your all succeeding schedule will fail. Once you are done, boost yourself to act on the prescribed task and complete them one by one. At the end of the day review your task list and I am sure when you see things happening in a proper fashion you would feel bliss with a sense of contentment and peace of mind. Be warned, never cut off your sleep time in order to complete varied number of tasks. Rest is as equally important as work. It is always recommended to have seven to eight hours of sound sleep to remain fit. If your brain is tired, you will never be able to produce desired output from your work. Never compromise with your health. Start working out with this five minute exercise everyday and discover the change in yourself, it will bring positivity and happiness into your life. Just give it a try.]]>


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