Title: The Recession Groom Author: Vani Kaushal Genre: Fiction Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. Chapters: Chapters Not Mentioned Pages: 295 Price: INR 299.00 ISBN: 978-93-84226-58-9 Rating: 4.0/5.0 Book Review The Recession Groom is the debut fiction by Vani Kaushal, a young and charming face from the most beautiful cosmopolitan city in northern India – Chandigarh. The plot of the fiction epoch the quest of the lead character of the story Parshuraman Joshi, 27 Single Hindu Brahmin, who is suitably employed in Toronto, Canada. He becomes a victim and falls into the miserable trap of Global Recession during the year 2008. The story starts describing his life in a multinational company called Vezza. Parshuraman with several other characters, his office colleagues, Jennifer and Bill are working on a project called Project Infinite for a Chinese client in Shanghai. With very less time in hand the deadline of the project seems approaching point-blank led the duo Parshuraman and Jennifer fly to India to sort out the development issues with their outsourced vendor in Delhi. The real mess starts when Parshuraman reaches home, at Chandigarh, during his petite visit to India. His sister Ragini and grandma look quite excited to see him home, but rather they seem over-thrilled pertaining finding a suitable match for him. The first hundred pages of the book one may observe too over pouring related to finding a match for him. The entire topic encircles around Parshuraman showcasing him as the only eligible bachelor in the town. Even his neighbors couldn’t resist throwing a proposal for one of their three giggling daughters. An eligible match, match making and marriage, remains the topic of discussion which somewhere distracts the reader. There are certain points in the story where loose-ends could be spotted effortlessly. It withholds the story to grow as a real page-turner, but this is not the end yet. The conflict arises when the protagonist loses his job from Vezza and fired without having a prior notice. The jobless worker finds it hard to get marry to Tara whom he fell in love at the first sight. The jarring rejection to marry an unemployed by Tara and her father Mr. Pundit left Parshuraman and his entire family in dismay. Even his transitory job as a bartender fails to regain the trust to recall his love back to his toes. Tara gets married to a affluent businessman quite older than her age. His sumptuous lifestyle seemed enough to ensconce the barrier of seniority. Lots of twists and turns happen in life of Parshuraman that pulls the story further and after remaining jobless for several months in San Jose he finally gets a job in India. And the hunt for a finding suitable match for him resumes with the end of his unemployment crunch. The tussle between Ragini and his Aunt Parvati, at San Jose, over the matrimonial front rises up once again. The groom, Parshuraman Joshi finally succeeds to get his dream bride apart from vanquishing the dilemma of global recession. One thing that a reader will love is the sustained climax that is resolved in the last two pages of the fiction. The final verdict made by Parshuraman wins acceptance from his family. Although there is a considerable loose-end that has been left at the end and that I don’t find legitimate to reveal it here as it will disclose the resolution of the story. Keeping in mind about a pristine Brahmin family, the end could have been modified a little to make it more acceptable at par Indian rituals and culture. Here author have made an humble attempt to gain empathy from the readers for the protagonist. At last I would like to comment that it is authors first but nice attempt to grab the attention of Indian readers. Still, I must say that she is pretty much capable to deliver a much compact entwined fiction as her forthcoming creation which could certainly keep readers glued from the beginning to end. Yet, I appreciate her endeavors to bring out this first release.]]>

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