Title: Ready Steady Exit Author: P. C. Balasubramanian Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors Chapters: NA Pages: 172 Price: INR 120.00 ISBN: 978-93-82665-40-3 Rating: 4.0/5.0 Book Review This is no doubt a mini fiction carved by P.C. Balasubramanian a Chartered Accountant by profession hailing from Chennai. The title itself reveals the entire story line of the book, yet the author has well tried to put the literary elements into an overall commercial epic turning it into a good read. The book is perfect to enjoy for a 5 to 6 hours one way journey, yet I would say it depends on person to person. Failures are important and they are essential part of life which could never be ignored because they teach us a lesson at the end. But, can a failure itself be a success? Its a big question in itself which is not easy to answer. This is what P C Balasubramanian had done in his fiction. Since Bala himself is a Chartered Accountant and his story starts with the similar background representing Gautam who is struggling CA aspirant. Gautam is the central character of the novel and the other subordinate characters are Anand, his partner, Neha, Vimal, Ruchi etc. The plot of the story starts building after Gautam accomplishes his CA final examinations. Instead joining a company he decides to launch his own venture in partnership with his friend Anand and they name it as FAB. Amidst the up and downs in their financial services business they seldom witness any decline in their revenue making. The company size keeps growing and apart from that their personal lives also keep witnessing vital revolutionary transformations. Gautam marries his love Neha and Ananad to Divyalakshmi. Then the business catalysts  Vimal and Ruchi are introduced on the platform that entirely deviates the direction of the story. Two partners, two partner families, two major FAB equity holders and several other vanguards exercise a predetermined maneuver to ring fence the lightening fast flourishing financial services venture FAB. Too much mess around the commercial front and just one stringent decision of Gautam and Anand paves way to retort all the bloody covetous hounds. Still the failure counts their biggest success. This is the story of Gautam & Anand with rise & fall of FAB that travels in a linear fashion. Neither it is a romantic fiction nor a thriller rather I would term it as a story where a CA has debited his accounting skill and credited into the literary creation. The glimpse of his financial dexterity is evident in the entire book and I presume that had certainly grabbed the strong attention of the entire CA community. At last PC has succeed earning a huge profits into his balance sheet. Well done PC.]]>


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