Title: The Justified Sin Author: Harpreet Makkar Genre: Fiction Publisher: Petals Publishers Chapters: 26 Pages: 200 Price: INR 150.00 ISBN: 978-93-85385-00-1 Rating: 3.5/5.0   Book Review The Justified Sin is the debutant novel penned down by engineer turned author Harpreet Makkar hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab. The title and the book cover are definitely appealing as it arouses reader’s interest. The due reasons are enough that proffers a niche into reader’s bookshelf. But, someone has rightly said that book should not be judged by its cover. Though, this is the first fiction of Harpreet, he has done justice with his narrative skills that definitely catches the eyes of the reader. Talking about the story line, he has tried to carve a story that revolves round love, friendship and family. Relating the cover to the story narrated inside the book unveils that it is not all a romantic thriller or suspense. The plot at certain places had turned. Keeping the first time effort of the author phenomenon seems obvious. The characters are well crafted and they successfully leave an impact on reader’s mind. The main characters in the fiction are Jaydeep, Saloni, Prachi, Varsha, Shaurya and Jay’s father. The relation between Jay and other friends have been beautifully defined. And relation of Jay and his father is also defined justifiably. At some points the reader may feel trifled due to certain editing issues. That might be the reason that they have not spent much time on the subject to publish the novel in a haze. The most attractive in the entire book is its price. It is very economically priced at Rs. 150/- that turns it reachable and accessible to a large group of readers. Due to this price range the somewhere the quality or the finishing of the book has undergone a compromise. Overall speaking, this turns to be a good attempt by Harpreet and a good read.]]>


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