Book Review of She Broke Up I Didn’t!

Title: She Broke Up I Didn’t! I Just Kissed Someone Else! Author: Durjoy Dutta Genre: Romance Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads Chapters: 50 Pages: 230 Price: INR 140.00 ISBN: 978-0-143-42159-7 Rating: 3.5/5.0 Book Review “Have you read Durjoy?” my friend asked me one day.  “No,” I said “I haven’t. What is so exceptional in his books?” I shrugged. “He is an awesome author of romance genre and very popular among youth,” he tried to prove his opinion. “Yes, I have also heard about Durjoy, but I have yet to read his books,” I said. That was the day when I decided to go for a purchase few books by Durjoy. After few days I ordered online a set of books written by the charming, chocolaty author Durjoy Dutta. Indeed a famous and an eminent personality among the Indian youth. The box set I ordered had three books i.e. Of Course I Love You Till I Find Someone Better, Now That You’re Rich Let’s Fall in Love and She Broke Up I Didn’t I Just Kissed Someone Else. Well, two books were co-authored by Maanvi Ahuja so I picked up She Broke Up I Didn’t, the solo work of Durjoy presuming that it will give a better insight of his style of writing. I find very difficult to read books at a stretch when I am home so I decided to finish it up during one of my journey from Udaipur to Jaipur. I don’t have anything else than reading when I am traveling alone. I devoured the entire book during the journey and what I felt I am sharing with you. The writing style of Durjoy, no doubt, is very compelling and impressive. Anyone who will read and look at his innocent face (I am talking about his photograph on the inner cover) will definitely fall in love. I’m not speaking about guys to fall in love with him but they may if they wish to, no comments on this; guys. Let’s talk about the most important thing – the story line of She Broke Up. The story starts with a twist in their career of the two protagonists Deb and Avantika when the duo kick off their jobs and take admission in MDI, a top notch management institution in Gurgaon. One thing which I felt that why the book acclaimed potential to drag the attention of youth. Right from the beginning i.e. from chapter one; it arouses reader’s sensation with the act of love making in the hostel room. Chapter one is enough to pace up heartbeats and leave the reader gulping pretending the recurring act of mingling two naked human bodies throughout the book. But it is not the case actually. Although it is author’s perspective how he or she presents the story but I am still puzzled to rationalize that is this real story of management institutions in our country where hostel rooms are moreover utilized for having sex? Or perhaps the author might have used it as added flavors & preservatives in his story. Coming back to the fiction again, as we know it is a love story where Deb madly loves Avantika and meanwhile he also hates his classmate Kabir. Presence of Kabir and demeanors of Deb reflects his obsession towards Avantika. Debut of Malini, another classmate, introduces twist in the story. Deb accidentally kisses Malini and on the other hand Avantika sleeps with Kabir which first makes it a love triangle and then a love quadrangle. Albeit, there is something which is not true about this love quadrangle and the way Avantika had pretended to Deb is somewhere unrealistic. This is the point which weakens the plot of the story otherwise it has come up brilliantly. Indeed, I am not at all impressed with sex and vodka poured into the fiction or the other way one can say that the story wouldn’t have come up without sex and vodka. As I have said earlier that it is all about author’s perspective, author is always right because imagination is never wrong. Revealing the climax in this review will be entirely injustice to the work of author. At the end I will say that irrespective of the storyline, plot and climax, if you really wish to enjoy the work of this young fellow I will definitely say – go with it and read it. Even myself after reading She Broke Up I Didn’t I can proudly say that yes I have read Durjoy! Note: The review of the book She Broke Up I Didn’t is purely personal views of the author.]]>


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