An Author’s Odyssey Who told him that he would turn an author one day, perhaps no one has ever told him anything about it. And even he himself didn’t know that from where he assimilated the instinct of an author. Indeed, the voyage of his authorship seems very fascinating. When he was a kid in grade five, he was very fond of drawing and sketching and by the blessings of the almighty; he was not at all poor in his artistic skills. Time elapsed and when he got promoted to higher classes; his only favorite subject vanished under mess of the other novel subjects. Thereafter he didn’t recall if he had ever picked up a pencil to draw something, he never did. The passion to write something inflicted on him when he passed out school. The grown-some heart had not ever felt the warmth of love and perhaps writing came out the only method to burst out his emotions. He was too melancholic when he was an adolescent. Composing Poems, Ghazals, Shayaris were his only pass time apart from studies, albeit after school studying regularly was seldom there in turn. Since primary classes, Hindi had been the only medium of his studies and it took several years of adversity to get well versed with English. That was the one of the prominent reasons for his inclination towards Hindi writing in the former age. Year 1997 and his birthday brought a dramatic change in his life. And that one audio cassette changed the full course of direction of thinking and writing. That day one of his friends gifted him “The Unforgettables” – a collection of Ghazals sung by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh. He listened to it and that filled tremendous emotions into his lonely life that burst out the poet’s spirit. Thenceforth, it became a routine for him to buy at least one album of Jagjit Singh every month and the progression continued till his last album was released. Till the year 2010 to be a film script writer was his only aspiration. In fact, someone played very tactically with his poet’s heart and called him to the city of lakes. The alluring promises of setting up an international production house turned out to be as a fool’s paradise which finally slammed him down the floor. That one terrible lurch taught him the BIG lesson of black & white of so called, the commercial world. The unforgettable incident led him to flounder to mould the direction to his indispensable journey to be an author.]]>