Barista Bollywood – A Fiction With a Social Cause Barista Bollywood is the debut fiction by Ashwini Bagga. It is available on all leading online book stores including Amazon and Flipkart. The book also endorses social cause as Rs. 5/- is contributed towards Road Safety whenever a copy is purchased online or from a bookstore. Watch the video trailer of the book Barista Bollywood.

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Ashwini Bagga

Author Ashwini Bagga, a Jaipur born software engineer turned author. He accepted Lake City (Udaipur) as the place to worship his karma. He is author of books The Road to Road Safety (Non Fiction), Essentials of Road Safety (Non Fiction) and Barista Bollywood (Contemporary Fiction). His next fiction is a suspense thriller based on certain events around marquee Indian cricketer during IPL 2016. He is presently serving as a Road Safety Consultant to the Road Safety Cell, Transport Department, Rajasthan under a project on Road Safety funded by World Bank.

His Philosophy – A Rare Creature on Earth

[caption id="attachment_1204" align="alignleft" width="232"]Author Ashwini Bagga Ashwini Bagga[/caption] Life is a fabulous & intangible gift bestowed to every living being and is ruled by the only creator of the holy land. Human, wild and even the tiniest organism on this planet is able to breath due to the latent power. Not just me; rather, every individual living entity is a rare creature here. Everyone is his own lifespan, possesses its own purpose, walks on his own path and carries out his own mission called LIFE. In fact, some comprehend their mission at an early phase and some appreciate it at a later point and there are some who run through their whole lifetime searching for the aim of their existence. Yes, you are rare because there is no one else to replace you. Being human, at times we also engross with companions to spruce up our spirit. You may walk through the panorama of Author Ashwini’s sojourn and his mission; if you really wish to.  ]]>